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Les Eco-logis d'ensarnaut
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The Eco-Lodges of Ensarnaut: natural Gîtes in south-West France

Between the Ocean and the Mediterannean sea, at the foothills of the Pyrénées, Gers' airy and luminous landscapes spread out to the horizon. This is where the Eco-Lodges of Ensarnaut await you with its 65 hectares fully dedicated to natural preservation and its herd of ponies in semi-freedom.

What are "Gîtes" ? There is no real English word to describe what a Gîte is. You could call it a lodging , some say a self-catering cottage. We believe the word Gîte is best suited: A fully furnished, fully equipped house that you rent out in order to live in full autonomy. All you need to bring is some clothes and hygiene products. And a will to relax, of course .

We are hard at work translating our website in english. The menu items will appear as the page is translated. Thanks for your patience. Check back soon.

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