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Laurel Side

Capacity: 4 persons (68m²/ 730 sq. ft) - wheelchair accessible.

The "Gîte" is built in the old barn that was renovated using healthy and authentic materials (raw clay, wood, terracotta) who give the room a serene and light athmosphere.

Vue intérieure de la salle de séjour et mezzanine du gîte côté lauriersBy beeing adjoining to our our house and back to back with the other lodging, the "Gîte" preserves its whole independance and intimity.

Facing South, nice view to the South and the East, all the way the the Pyrenées when they show themselves. 

Photo extérieure du gîte et de sa cour Big inside courtyard with a agricultural shed at the West.

The lodging is fully equipped for a comfortable stay..

Living room - kitchen - dining room ( 38 m² / 400 sq. feet) with wood burning stove. French window opening on a private garden (80 m² / 860 sq feet) fitted with a barbecue and garden furniture.

Mezzanine over the living room for two persons. (7.5 m² / 80 sq feet)

Photo de la chambre à coucher
One room for two persons (16m² / 170 sq feet) with french windows to the garden.

The 35 inches wide beds can be twinned if a double bed is needed. The sheets are provided.

Vue de la salle d'eau.
Open space with washbasin.

The shower room is fitted with a washbasin too.

Separated bathroom.

Organic cleaning products are provided in order to be compatible with the plant water filter.

Vue sur la salle à manger avec la porte fenêtre donnant sur le jardin
Free access to the 65 hectares (160 acres) of the domain, reserved for our guests, with paths, trails, horse trails and a 3 acres lake.

Direct access to a network of over 200 km of marked trails, for superb mountain bike, foot or horse hikes.

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